Eco Conservation Tour, a new tour option in Phong Nha

The Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park is well renowned for its limestone cave systems, which make this park absolutely unique and outstanding. This rainforest is also considered as one of the best hot spots of biodiversity in the world. This is the home of many endemic species which are only available in this UNESCO World Heritage Site National Park. But this is still a new aspect in Phong Nha which not many people have explored so far.

Cave Tour Paradise 2

Phong Nha Cave

I would admit that all the caves have been attracting the travelers all over the world to Phong Nha to see them. This area is becoming a must for the tourists nowadays. There are many Westerners coming to stay for a short time in Phong Nha to see the caves and leave the day after. Not many people planned to see the National Park itself before coming here due to the shortage of information and activities related to eco tourism. At the moment, no companies are organizing the eco tours in Phong Nha at all. Therefore, it is a big need to do this tour in order to give a chance for the tourists to know more about this National Park beside the caves. The other aim of this tour is to increase the awareness for the tourists and especially the locals who have been engaged with logging and poaching.
Phong Nha Eco Conservation Tour basically focuses on the nature, the wildlife animals and the conservation efforts of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and international NGO’s projects. I want to help advertising a good picture of the National Park and help them to understand how to work on eco tourism in the professional way.While doing this tour, the tourists will have a great chance to see the wildlife animals at Rescue Center and know loads of stories of different endangered species at the National Park. This Center used to be funded by Cologne Zoo Project. The entire budgets for feeding the animals; medical treatment or facility improvement were allocated by this project for 12 years. In May 2013, we’ve handovered our programs to the National Park Management Board. Once our project ended, the Rescue Center got a lot of difficulties on the budget. Our government basically does not have the budget line for the animals. The Scientific & Research Center had to manage to keep the animals in the best condition with limited budget. What I’ve learned to know from this was that they could not confiscate more animals due to the lack of money for mainly feeding the wildlife. This Eco tour will help to get some money from the tourists to keep the Rescue Center running in a better condition.
Baby Monkey 3A baby monkey lost her mother when she was only a half of month old

A proper jungle trek is provided to tourists to see and enjoy the rain forest with no path on it and you have to go through the density jungle with a machete. This is the core part of Eco tour with 4-5 km trekking in about 4-5 hours. If you haven’t seen any tropical jungle before, now you can see how amazing it is. The locals who could be engaged with logging and poaching are the porters and guides.Primate Reserve, the name which Lonely Planet Guide mentioned, is the last part of the tour where the tourists could know more knowledge of re-introduction program for Hatinh Langur, an endemic species of Phong Nha – Ke Bang.

DSC00696Amazing jungle in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

As a different option from the others in town, Hai’s Eco Tour is a great 1 day option for anyone who loves nature and animals. If we have more options for travelers to do which means that they will stay another day and the locals will benefit from tourism more. Stay another day, do another thing and have another experience.

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