Amazing Newzealand couple, the first sponsors of Wildlife Rescue Center

My first impression was pretty old New-Zealand couple who looked a bit weird with traditional Vietnamese hats before we started going. I barely could understand what the man was talking to me at the beginning . They seemed to be nice but I did not know if they could do my trek in the jungle or not. Honestly, I did not expect to meet such amazing couple like them at all.

On the way to Rescue Center I was told that both of them are involved with conservation where they come from. That was a surprise for me. And all the good things was happening later since we got to see the wildlife animals.

Karyn and Willie had some time with the animals and could see the difficulties and challenges of conservation efforts in Phong Nha, Central Vietnam. They amazingly could see how hard our works are in this region, especially when there is only wildlife rescue center in Central of Vietnam.

After trekking through the rough jungle in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, we all came back at Bamboo Cafe and I was told that the Rescue Center might get the first “big” donation ever from the tourists. I was delighted and looking forward to that the day after. And of course, I was not disappointed. Karyn and Willie have given to Mrs. Le from the Rescue Center $250 in cash before they hit the road with their bicycles.


On behalf of the people who are working hard to protect the nature, I’d like to say thank you, guys! You are legend. You gave out a bit efforts to help us to develop Eco Tourism in Phong Nha. Keep on your dream and hope to see you one day in Vietnam or might be in New-Zealand. Take care!


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