About us

Who is Hai?

Hai is the lead local expert in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park and has worked in this pocket of Vietnam for more than seven years. His knowledge of conservation is substantial but with a realistic understanding of the underlying economics but more importantly, his passion for nature and wildlife drives him.  Two years ago, he saw an opportunity to support and change the community in a way that benefits everyone and everything involved.  Hai started Hai’s Eco Conservation Tours to help support the animals at the Wildlife Rescue Center financially and more significantly, provide jobs that were non-existent to the locals living in the National Park.  All profits from Hai’s Eco Conservation Tour go back into the Wildlife Rescue Centre, back to the locals, and with some saved for future projects. 

What is the Wildlife Rescue Center?

The Wildlife Rescue Centre was one of the biggest reasons we created Hai’s Eco Conservation Tour.  Due to budget constraints, it has struggled for a number of years; money is needed to buy food, medication, tools, to make improvements on semi-wild enclosures, and to pay staff.  All wildlife at the rescue centre are victims of illegal trade and habitat loss.  There are NGOs working to stop these illegal activities but there are always more animals in need of a safe haven. Hai’s Eco Conservation Tours support the Rescue Centre financially and brings awareness to this significant issue.  Please read more about the Wildlife Rescue Centre here.


Who benefits from this tour?

All the porters and riders of Hai’s Eco Conservation Tour were once hunters and loggers.  They were born and bred in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and only knew what their forefathers have done.  They were not aware of the consequences of their actions and the destruction they were inadvertently part of.  Hunting and logging was for survival and to provide for their families.  Since the introduction of Hai’s Eco Conservation Tour, a number of individuals now have sustainable jobs which provide a good income to support their families and slowly, these individuals and their families are learning more and more about nature conservation in order to protect it.  Being native to this area, they deserve more than anyone, to be an integral part of tourism development.  By supporting Hai, you are supporting the local community, and indirectly ensuring the continued magnificence of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.


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