We Need Help!

If you are someone who really loves animals like Hai, please join him to support the Wildlife Rescue Centre by donating some money.  If you can’t help financially, your skills can probably be used to support Hai or the Rescue Centre directly.  To learn more about how to help please contact Hai:

Mobile and WhatsApp:  +84.962.606.844



Two weeks ago, we have received a Siki Gibbon from a local family who has kept him as a pet in a tiny cage for about 5 years since he was a baby. It's really sad to see him so familiar to human and probably not be able to see his home any longer because he lost the ability being in his natural habitat as gibbon. What we could help him enjoy the rest of his life is to build a bigger facility so he can  start to live like a normal gibbon. We need to build the new home for him as quickly as possible but we do not have a lot of money to afford for the whole cost. So we need your help!

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