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Paradise Cave

If you are short of time, and only have the chance to see one cave, this has to be the one. This truly spectacular cave is the largest dry cave in the world. The first 1km can be seen by anybody, either on a tour or by visiting the cave by yourself. It costs 250.000 VND/each to see the cave.

Hang Toi (Dark Cave)

A real adventure cave, newly on the map here in Phong Nha, and still without the lights and large tourist groups to spoil the experience. You can explore this spectacular cave on our National Park tour or independently, and after kayaking across the river, enjoy swimming through the cave with your headtorch leading the way, then explore a side passage. Hang Toi is a wonderful and very accessible example of the beautiful caves that are found throughout this region. It costs 450.000 VND/each including all activities.

Phong Nha Cave

This was the first cave in the area to be opened to the public and at the time was the largest known cave in Vietnam. It was used for shelter, as storage, and as a hospital during the American War, and there are still many scars from that time to be seen on its walls. It can easily be seen by yourself (we don’t run tours there), and is well worth a visit, especially for the journey up the river and in to the cave in a traditional Dragon Boat. It costs 150.000 VND/each and the whole boat costs 350.000 VND. The more people share the boat, the cheaper you have to pay for the boat. 

The Phong Nha Tourism centre, where the boats leave from, is a short walk from Easy Tiger, and most mornings a group leaves together after the free 9am information talk to share the cost of the boat.

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