Wildlife Rescue Centre

As a department of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, the Wildlife Rescue Centre was built in 2007, sponsored by Cologne Zoo, Germany. This centre only focuses on keeping the animals short-term and finding ways to introduce them back into nature. The Rescue Centre has saved more than 1,000 animals over the last eight years, giving each of them another chance at life and helping to repopulate native species back into Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Cologne Zoo Project has supported this center since 2007 and it was handed over to the National Park in May 2013. And after more than 10 years working in this region to help the park with budget and knowledge, it was time to hand it back to the people who will manage in the future.  2013 was a new chapter for the National Park Management Board, especially the staff working with all the rescued animals. 

When the Project finished their work in Phong Nha, it meant that the Rescue Centre lost its external funding which introduced new challenges.  Cologne Zoo Project funded food, medication, tools and maintenance; so without it The Rescue Centre was left with a small budget from the government, which is not enough.  The Wildlife Rescue Centre struggled as the medication supply ran low, conditions of the cages and semi-wild enclosures slowly decayed, and food had to be rationed.  The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the only one in Central Vietnam and because of the lack of funds, confiscated wildlife had to be turned away.  This is when Hai realised he could do something for the animals and all the people involved in the Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Hai created Hai’s Eco Conservation Tours in order to bring in some money to support the Centre and provide for its residents.  By creating a tour everyone benefits:  for travellers, people could see what is being done in and for Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, learn about how their choice to tour with Hai has a positive impact, and learn about the local flora and fauna; for locals, more job opportunities and pride in their work; for wildlife, a safe haven.

Click here for more information about Hai’s Eco Conservation Tours.  Come explore the jungle with Hai and his team.  Help us give wildlife a better life and eventually go back home to their jungle. 


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